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The opportunity to increase the performance of your company / team by strengthen the individual and team resilience.


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Grouks is an online tool that has been exclusively designed as a quick and easy way to ASSESS and gauge the feeling of individuals and their level of stress at any point in time. It helps to shed light on the effect these may be having on them personally and collectively within a team.

Based on the assessment, Grouks provides specific, practical, pragmatic ACTIONS that can be taken straightaway to address any issues or risks that may emerge.


is an essential step in building sustainable organisational resilience:

Affordably Valuable

easily deployable


intuitively usable


individually insightful


collectively actionable

All businesses will have experienced challenges to their level of resilience in recent months – even those that have successfully pivoted and thrived.

Looking to the future, the ability to remain resilient (individually, collectively and organisationally) will be essential for sustainable business recovery and renewal.

At the heart of an organisation are its people. They are the pillars of your resilience. If you want to assess your organisation’s level of ‘resilience fitness’ you need to start with your people.

How are they doing? How are they feeling? How are their levels of stress? Could those present a risk to them? What is their current level of ability for resilience? How does all that affect team dynamics, behaviour and of course, performance?
Perhaps you already know the answers to those questions.
Or maybe, you’d really like to know….

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