The philosophy behind Grouks is to enable people to be themselves.
We offer a powerful combination of immersive training and coaching in interpersonal communication dynamics that is truly life changing, for individuals, teams, managers and the businesses where they work.


The principle behind what we do can be summed up as ‘understanding’.
Understanding ourselves.
Understanding others.
Understanding what motivates.
Understanding what causes tension and stress.
Understanding how personality affects behaviour.
Understanding the impact of communication.
Understanding how to pre-empt issues or deal with them when they occur.
And we put all this into the context of our own understanding and experience of what it’s like to work in a corporate environment and to manage teams of people.


We believe that the most successful companies have vibrant and nurturing cultures, built around people who are focused, motivated, connected, and cohesive and who feel at ease with themselves. We want to help to create healthy, balanced, stress-free and sustaining corporate eco-systems by unleashing the power of the individuals, teams and managers within them.


Everything we do at Grouks – whether training, coaching, facilitating or providing other advice on behaviour and personality – is guided by The Process Communication Model® (PCM), an innovative tool that enables successful everyday understanding, motivation and effective communication with others.


Grouks means versatility and authenticity. We are proudly true to ourselves in the way we work, train and coach. We adapt to the individuals and teams who we see as our partners in a journey of discovery. Each Grouks experience is unique. Each Grouks experience is enlightening. You experience our authenticity as we guide you to reveal yours.


Corporate cultures are living eco-systems. They cannot be changed by edict or design. Nor can they be manufactured. They are a delicate blend of human psychology, actions and attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Our goal is to nurture a habitat for success. We equip individuals, teams and managers with the means to navigate and positively influence their own business eco-system.


Grouks is the outcome of a life-changing moment for its founder. Upon discovering the power of PCM he found the freedom to become himself. His ambition is to work with others to replicate that moment when his authenticity was unleashed.